The Nature of my Work

I have always enjoyed epic tales of fantasy.  There is an element of escapism in them captured in the moments where we identify with the protagonist and feel as if it is possible for us to also save the world.

It’s always hard coming back down to reality.

The story I’m working on is similar.  I have taken elements from the normal realm of fantasy and mixed them with our present reality.  In so many ways the result is reminiscent of my own life.

About six years ago, we found out my grandfather had cancer.  Up until that time, cancer and death had really only visited friends of the family, distant relatives, and pets.  I was woefully unprepared for depression, fear, and anxiety of the coming months.  As is so often true in life, it was also a time of a spiritual deepening and appreciation of life and love.

It was a moment where I realized to the core of my being, life is not a fairy tale.  Crap does indeed happen.  It cannot be planned, out of the blue a phone call can come and surprise you.  It can throw you a curveball that will quite literally knock you off your feet.

And I’m incorporating this into my story.

Over the years I have seen a lot of hard stuff occur.  Friends of our family lost two of their three children before they were the age of 18.  One in an accident in the woods and the other as a suicide.  I’ve been out fishing when a teenager drowned, the boy was pulled under and pinned against a log until there was no life left in him.  Onlookers were desperate to locate him but by the time we found him it was too late.

There is death.  There is a curse.  And we as humans are left wandering through it all, with the joy of life, but also the terrible grief of our existence in this world.

So my stories are not necessarily happy.  They are about good versus evil.  And they are very much about characters who have their options taken off the table.  Characters who continue on anyway because their hope is in the light as they scream their defiance into the void.

So yes, even I find myself a bit surprised with where I take my writings, but as I’m editing, I hope to be able to effectively communicate both the darkness and the hope.

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