Inspiration: Final Fantasy Edition

I have been an off and on gamer ever since my cousins brought their original gameboys into my grandparents house to show me.  Then, when Kirby’s Adventure, Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros showed up in our house on the NES, I became quite proficient at Duck Hunt and Kirby, less so with Mario.

Later on, I gravitated towards games like Golden Sun, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem with their turn based battle systems and novel-like approach.

I think overall, I really enjoyed how role playing games were like a marriage of both cinema and literature.  In playing you got to experience the story as if you were living it.  In some games you even get a choose-your-own-adventure type flair.

Now what does all of this have to do with my writing?

Well for one, it is a great reminder that any story should immerse the reader in a world just as vivid and lush as a video game can portray.  The reader should feel the emotions and journey of the character as if they were that character.

And, while I have barely played any of the Final Fantasy games (due to budgetary and time constraints more than a lack of interest) I happened to see a preview for what was then Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

Until then and for some years afterward I wanted to write something that was more of a traditional fantasy in the medievel-esque of Lord of the Rings, Shannara, and even Redwall.

That trailer reminded me that a good fantasy can also happen in a more contemporary environment.

Fast forward around 8 years later from when I first saw the trailer and Final Fantasy XIII Versus became Final Fantasy XV (released this year after a decade in development).  And now I am also working on a Sci-Fi/Fantasy tale of epic proportions.

Below is one of the original Versus trailers.

***I had always joked that this would be the game that would make me break down and buy a current generation Playstation.  But, again, budgetary restrictions and all that.  However, with that being said, I hope the game is as good as it looks – perhaps I’ll get around to playing it one of these days.  If you are playing it, please let me know if you are enjoying it in the comments so I can live vicariously through your own gaming.

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