Taking Stock: 2016

A lot of people have been incredibly disappointed in 2016.

And they’re right.  A lot has happened that scares us sensible people.  I’m still hopeful for the world, but I have to admit there are events both nationally and globally which are very concerning.

It’s one of the reasons I realized that I need to become more involved in politics on the grass roots level at minimum.  I have always been a big believer in people changing things, not politicians.  Don’t worry though, this blog will not be a constant soapbox.  I am also a believer in addressing these issues on a person to person basis.  And, if you’re reading this and have issues with what has occurred this year, I also encourage you to become more active.  Not just online, but in person at rallies, conferences, and other events.  Write letters to your government officials and the newspapers. Get involved as more than just a passing commentator.

Now, on a more personal level: Four older family members and family friends passed away this year.  I miss them.  I miss several others who also passed this year whom I had only known for a brief time.  When I think of their legacy of compassion and character, I feel challenged to run with the torch they have passed on to me.

There have been some amazing people whom I have met this year.  Without their encouragement, I would not have been able to deal with some of the harder stuff that came along this year.  For them I am grateful and filled with the knowledge I have found life long friends.

Now, for the year’s statistics on my writing projects:

-First draft of Book 1 of my Spirit Walkers trilogy is complete.

-First draft of my novelette, Renegade, is 50% complete.

-Three short stories in my One Short Sleep Past collection are written and awaiting edits.

-One flash fiction piece, Skipping Stones, has been submitted to a publisher.  If they accept it, I will let you know, if not I will adjust if needed and continue to submit.  Either way, I hope to make an announcement here sooner than later.

Have a merry Christmas! A happy Hanukkah!  A joyful Kwanzaa! And, have a fantastic new year!


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