Finding a Niche

Last month, I had a conversation with an acquaintance discussing my future and how it is really hard to find a day job that fits well with me.

Anyway, to shorten this story a bit, I was told very few people ever find a niche that truly works for them.  The idea was that I should settle for something I was good at, but hated because very few people find their niche.

I walked away, wondering why anyone could justify quitting the search for something that gives you a sense of fulfillment, just because most people never find it.

I had already written Skipping Stones by this point, and this story was more a reaction to current world events, while thinking of the “Green Fields of France” by Eric Bogle.  And now, it’s my first published work. It’s obviously not perfect, but no writer is ever totally perfect* and I am very pleased that this story is the first.

And I am also very pleased with my decision soon after to make a career transition.


*Not only do many authors face rejection after rejection, but I’ve found typos and a grammatical issue or two in even my favorite published first editions.  My point?  We’re all human and working on our craft.  It would be ridiculous to quit after a first draft isn’t a masterpiece so why do we do that in “real life”?

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