New Series and New Focus

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One of the things I have struggled with is the question: what should this blog be like?

To date, it has served two primary functions: to share some of my stories with you in addition to providing general aid to fellow writers.

As someone with a business background, I know that I should be using this space to build a personal brand. But as a creative, who loves life and the messiness that entails, it irks me to put boundaries around something that should be a creative outlet.  So far, I think I’ve found a happy medium, but there is always room for improvement.

Here’s why I’m spending a little more time reflecting on this, there’s a high chance I’m going to be headed back to school (more on that one day).

If this happens, the writing time I had is going to decrease exponentially and what time I will have should be devoted to finishing the edits on my novels, in addition to generating a few more short stories.

However, this is not a “blog on hiatus” post. I’ve decided that starting now, whether or not I return to school, I need a little more focus and strategy behind what I write here. My current plan is as follows:

  • Topical series
  • Occasional microfictions
  • Any publication announcements
  • Occasional posts regarding anything I think is helpful for writers or readers
  • Occasional book reviews

My first topic is research. I’m at the point where I need to get back into the habit of studying and researching for papers, but more importantly, in ways that I can then apply to the stories I’m creating. As of right now, I see my new series of posts focusing on the how-to’s of finding resources, evaluating resources, pulling the research together, and all tools I’ve found for the steps above.

Because these are expected to be a little more deep than my previous posts, I’m also anticipating that I will be sharing here at a rate of 1-2 per month, instead of the 2-4 I usually aim for.  This should give me time to write and refine my posts, while also providing ample links to resources for those here.

So to all readers, new and old, I hope you enjoy the coming changes! And thank you for continuing to follow this blog.

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