Microfiction: Late Night Study

If you’re new to this site then you might be pleased to discover that every now and then I take a break from my normal writing endeavors and I challenge myself to come up with a microfiction to share with you all.

Today’s was a result of writing a list of about eight words and then challenging myself to link those key words into a common story.

Late Night Study

The steady twap twap of the critter’s tiny pincers against the glass were fraying the young alchemist’s nerves.

The figures and notes from the journal in front of her were just as frustrating as she rubbed her tired eyes. The encryptions within were beginning to dance around her mind like two drunk lovers at the pub during the harvest celebrations.

Sighing, she closed the worn leather journal, accidentally rubbing her finger through the dust left behind on the table. How had so much dust accumulated in so little time?

Turning, she pulled the glass jar from the aging marble counter. “Sorry little guy, you’re not going anywhere until I transmute you.”

The praying mantis was still, sizing her up. Its eyes held her own in a silent glare as if daring her to realize the hubris of that claim.

“He was close.” She made a fist, “But I will succeed where he failed.” The mantis continued its silent watch as the splosh of raindrops announced the arrival of the storm.


Tools of the Trade: Staedtler Norica and Pentel Orenz

If you have visited this blog before you’ll have discovered that I am a writer working on my first short stories and novels.  To be more specific I’m trudging through edits and rewrites on those first stories.

And while I do post some microfictions, updates, and reviews from time to time, I also create posts with helpful information for other writers.  The Tools of the Trade series consist of things and programs I have found helpful as I hone my craft.

Today’s post is all about my two favorite types of pencils to date: Staedtler Norica and Pentel Orenz 0.5.  I’ve been finding lately that the further I am into rewrites, the more likely I am to grab a pencil.  Editing has taught me humility and the wisdom that writing a little slower with the ability to erase is inherently beneficial.

Here’s a demonstration and review by Gray Matters on the Norica:

And here’s one by Scrively for the Pentel Orenz:

Tools of the Trade: Paper for Planning

I typically do a good deal of my actual story planning on paper first. I would probably write a good deal more of my stories longhand too if it didn’t take so long.

In college I was around quite a few engineering majors who had piles of graphing paper. There was something about the way it could be used for notes, designs, and calculations without the sense of imposition that regular lined paper gave.

Then, I heard about bullet journaling and discovered the dot grid notebooks.

Both are now my preferred paper for story plotting and notes.

It gives me just enough to keep me linear if desired, without impeding my sense of freedom (though dot grid is a little better at this than standard graphing paper).

Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

I hope the holidays were fantastic and you all got to spend some quality time with your family and friends.  I know that I sure did.

I’ve been hard at work on my stories, hope to share them with you all soon!